Brief History of LTT

LTT is a leading Polish company in the fields of stage technology design and implementation, lighting and stage equipment distribution and servicing and professional lighting technology training.

The company was created in 1992, not long after Poland transitioned from communism to a capitalist, free-market economy. LTT's founding was an answer to a significant demand for professional stage lighting - the theaters at that time were looking to upgrade their outdated equipment, but few suppliers could offer high-end, state-of-the-art lighting solutions.

LTT quickly and successfully filled this gap, distributing world-class technology as well as professional customer care and equipment servicing and maintenance. From the very beginning we aimed to build strong relationships with our clients by addressing their needs in a friendly and flexible way. This approach has resulted in a long list of institutions that recognize LTT as a trustworthy partner.

Our company's operations, initially focused on theatrical lighting, gradually expanded to technologically related fields: TV studios, clubs, stage events and equipment rental companies. We broadened our offer to include implementing stage lighting systems and lighting control systems in theaters, and later also television studios and other objects.

For the last few years LTT's growing design bureau has been involved in creating and coordinating the creation of designs for stage technology systems. LTT also coordinates large-scale, comprehensive stage technology projects with scopes involving both design and implementation of upper and lower stage mechanics, lighting, acoustics and electro-acoustics.

We are one of the very few entities in Poland capable of coordinating a full-scale, world-class project such as the National Forum of Music, which - upon its completion in 2012 - will be the biggest and the most modern concert hall in Poland. LTT's position as a market leader in Poland is reflected in our long list of successful projects and reference letters. Our staff consists of 40 motivated employees that are ready for any challenge.