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LTT publishes "Light Fantastic" in Polish

Max Keller's "Light Fantastic" is one of the most inspiring publications on stage light design. LTT was proud to contribute to the development of the light design community by publishing a Polish version of this seminal book.

LTT thanks all the attendees of Max Keller's lecture

The meeting with the author of "Light Fantastic" and following panel discussion on light design organized by LTT in March attracted a wide audience of industry professionals from all over Poland.

Coolux Days 2014

On 20th of February, 2014, LTT had the pleasure to host a demonstration and workshop on new features of the Coolux PandorasBox multimedia solution. The event was a part of a series of free events held by LTT on a regular basis which attract professionals involved in multimedia productions, stage lighting, rental and related industries; as such, the events are also an excellent occasion for attendees to network and exchange ideas. LTT also hosts closed demonstrations for representatives of some of the most prominent production companies.

The focus of this particular event was the ID Tags tracking system recently introduced by Coolux, first shown on the LDI trade show in Las Vegas three months earlier. A demo setup was created in LTT's showroom studio which consisted of cameras, a projector, PandorasBox server, MA Lighting grandMA2 console and a number of moving light fixtures. The setup was probably one of the first in the world where the PSN protocol was used to link Coolux' ID Tags system with the industry-standard grandMA2 console. Coolux representative Harry Gladow explained not only the ID Tags themselves, but also numerous other new features and answered audience questions.

We would like to sincerely thank Coolux, especially Harry Gladow, and all the attendees of the Workshop!