Gazela Biznesu award for LTT

LTT received a "Business Gazelle" title - prize granted by Puls Biznesu magazine for most dynamically growing small and medium businesses.

"Gazelle" is - according to competition organizers - a small- or medium-sized company, which thanks to incredibly dynamic growth can successfully compete even with much larger companies. To become a 2012 Gazelle, company had to fulfil several criteria. Those requirements are having income for 2009 between 3 and 2000 mil. PLN, registering a income growth every year for years 2009-2011. During that time company also must not have a loss.

This year gala for Mazovian Voivodeship was held on 5-th March at ATM Studio in Warsaw. On behalf of LTT company the prize was recieved by LTT Sales Manager - Pawel Mrozinski.

Ratings organisers observed, that after a long period of economic slowdown, entrepreneurs show signs of predominant cautious optimism. That optimism was confirmed by survey among Business Gazelle winners, which showed that those companies expect positive changes in coming year. Gazelle winners also emphasized that difficult period is not a sign for limiting operations, but opportunity for expansion on the market.