LTT a 2010 Forbes' Diamond

LTT ranks high on the Diamonds' List

LTT has become a 2010 Forbes Diamond. In the 50 to 250 million PLN income category we ranked 11th in Poland and 5th in the (capital) region of Mazowieckie voivodship.

This year, only 2713 companies made it to the ranking - 310 less than the year before. As Forbes wrote, unlike last year's list, which showed who was making the best use of strong economy, this year's ranking shows who is the most efficient in the face of a financial crisis; it's also a good prediction of who will matter on Polish market once the economy picks up again.

Commemorative "diamonds" and diplomas were handed out during a ceremonial meeting on June 23rd in Belvedere restaurant in Warsaw's Royal Baths Park.

Criteria for inclusion in the list

The ranking was created for Forbes by Dun & Bradstreet Poland research company based on 2009 company reports delivered on time to the National Court Registry as well as other information collected by the researchers. Included companies had to have a positive trustworthiness index (be profitable in terms of EBIT and ROA indices, have high current liquidity and no outstanding payments); have positive earnings and capital value for the years 2005 through 2008; have sales income at the level of at least PLN 5 million in 2008 and an average annual increase in value above 15%.

Financial institutions and companies that received a one-time bump in value caused by one-time events, such as mergers within the same group.

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