LTT publishes "Light Fantastic" in Polish

Max Kellers award-winning "Light Fantastic" - originally titled "Faszination Licht" in German - is considered one of the most important, if not the most important book on stage lighting design. Written by a veteran lighting designer with over 40 years of experience on German and world stages, it features an impressive blend of technical information, artistic inspiration and scientific and even philosophical background. This 300-pages, hard-cover, full-color book is a compendium of knowledge on light theory, light sources, lighting techniques, history of stage lighting and many other subjects illustrated by striking photographs of the author's work on stage. An international success, "Light Fantastic" has been published in English, German, Russian and Chinese.

Aware of the demand for such a book on Polish market and wanting to contribute to the development of Polish light design, LTT has decided to publish a Polish edition of "Light Fantastic". Doing so, LTT could leverage experience gained over 20+ years of working with Polish theatres and international lighting and stage technology companies. Our staff's practical knowledge of both scientific terms and the notoriously idiosyncratic theatrical jargon allowed us to assure high quality of translation. After over a year of work "Light Fantastic" was translated into Polish and made available to the public as "Fascynujące Światło".

The Polish edition can be ordered directly from LTT (email or see this page in Polish) or bought through some of Poland's chosen specialized bookstores. It has received a more than warm welcome from the lighting community as evidenced by sales and praise from leading light designers, stage designers and technical directors.