New models of Compulite Vector consoles - Violet and Ultra Violet

New Vector Violet and Ultra Violet consoles were created to answer the need for a compact console which wouldn't sacrifice features for size. The compact Violet console has the full advanced software functionality of most of its bigger predecessors, but manages to match the most mobile solutions in terms of size.

Proven Vector software guarantees efficient and quick control of lights, moving heads, video servers and large arrays of LED diodes. Advancedd functionality allows programming the show using newest techniques such as tracking, color and gobo picker, matrix, bit map effect. Ethernet network allows supporting a large number of DMX ports and attaching additional auxillary devices such as a backup console, remote wireless control, a fader wing or Ethernet-DMX converters. Both versions of the new console were equipped with a 7-inch touch screen. The Ultra version the mixer has an integrated, 15.4-inch color touch screen.