Cosmopolitan, Warsaw

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Cosmopolitan is one of the tallest and most prestigious apartment building in Warsaw. It was designed by Helmut Jahn, and its 160 meter shape stands out from other skyscrapers in Warsaw, with its form, architectural vision and finish.

Building looks great in broad daylight. Location in Warsaw centre, and its looks demands appropriate night-time illumination. Fixtures for it must provide top-quality effect, be reliable and resistant to outdoor conditions.


Investor selected Pulsar as his preferred manufacturer of fixtures, that meets requirements. Selected fixtures were from ChromaFlood, ChromaBatten, and HR111 ranges. These are specialised fixtures, that have long-life LED sources, and were designed for outdoor use. Illuminated elements were canopy under the apartment complex part, white line in lower part of façade, and illumination of atrium of commercial part. Illumination also includes human figures, that are part of sculpture located in atrium. Apart from delivery, our company also did the entire design and installation works. Now the Cosmopolitan has an appropriate illumination, that fits its prestige, and is also appreciated during night-time walks in Warsaw centre.