Fashion Promotion Centre, Lodz

Project type:


The purpose

The Fashion Promotion Centre is an initiative by the Lodz Fine Arts Academy (supported by EU funding and fashion companies) that aims at helping young fashon designers in taking first steps into Polish and world-wide fashion markets. One of the goals of the project was building a cultural centre with a modern and professionally equipped catwalk for models, where top quality fashion shows could be hosted.

Designers of the Centre were focused on high quality of stage technology, therefore catwalk equipment was put in a tender separate from the main building construction tender. Lighting equipment, multimedia systems and control systems were installed by LTT.

Fashion in the spotlight

Fashion shows require perfect lighting - not only for stage effect, but also for photographers' benefit, since the success of the presented collection depends on the quality of photos. Photographers must be able to make fast, sharp and properly exposured photos of the models in every part of catwalk. A models should not be walking trough darker and brighter areas - they should move in evenly lit space, which gives photographers more opportunities to capture a perfect pose.

To fulfill those requirements, a large number of fixtures have been installed on the aluminium quadro truss installed by LTT under the ceiling. Next to a hundred Altman StarPAR reflectors, one hundred 1kW and 2kW Robert Juliat profiles were used, as well as intelligent lighting composed of - among others - 12 GLP Spot One moving heads, and seven powerful strobes equipped with colour changers.

Multimedia system

The spectacular setting for fashion shows is also created by an extensive multimedia system based on Pandoras Box media servers from Coolux. Ten MP Dual units were installed (two of them as backups) and one central Media Manager unit, which allows the system to output 16 independent FullHD video streams. Videos from four live video inputs and two VGA inputs can be processed simultaneously.

The video streams generated by servers are synchronised with single-frame precision. They are projected by eight Christie DHD800 multimedia projectors onto eight four-by-three-meters Avers screens.

An independent system for the interactive multimedia floor is supported by 6 projectors. It is one of the longest floors of that kind in Europe.


The installation in Fashion Promotion Centre stands out thanks to the great control system. 260 dimmed and non-dimmed circuits, based on dimMA dimmers, are controlled by the grandMA2 system from MA Lighting – two grandMA2 light consoles were used. Additional system expansions have also been installed (two MA NPU processors, 10 2port node converters and 10 DMX opto-splitters).