grandMA2 consoles for Transcolor

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Transcolor is one of the biggest rental companies in Central Europe, known for working on many productions of the TVN channel, such as "Dancing with the Stars" or "I Have Talent".

Transcolor was the first company in Poland to include grandMA2 full size consoles in its offer. Prior to that, Transcolor also offered series 1 grandMA full size consoles, and was convinced by console's quality.

Marcin Michna, Transcolor's light designer, commented on the reasons of the grandMA2 purchase:

"When LED technology found its way to everyday use, the lighting control systems that we had used before became insufficient. The grandMA system offers real-time programming for both conventional lights, moving heads and large amounts of LED devices. Auxillary processors provide a large number of additional, perfectly synchronized DMX outputs. The possibility of having full backup of the system, so important with live TV shows, also plays an important role."

"After almost two years of failure-free use of the first series grandMA equipment, we made a natura decision to buy more consoles, this time from the grandMA2 full size series. The new series 2 consoles were used in the Polish editions of "Dancing with the Stars" and "I Have Talent II". Besides faster operation, series 2 offers an extra multitouch screen, bigger panoramic touch screens and supports up to 256 DMX lines."