Kwadrat Theatre in Warsaw

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During its almost forty years of existence, the Kwadrat Theatre (full name "Edward Dziewoński Theatre Kwadrat" had moved from place to place many times. In 2012 it moved to a building at Marszałkowska 138. For years the LTT was providing theatre with lighting equipment and control systems from our distribution portfolio, like fixtures from Martin, Robert Juliat, Pulsar, and Compulite consoles.

Lighting stock includes Aledin 634SX profile spots from Robert Juliat with LED sources. Apart from their obvious purpose, they allow gobo display. Its important on smaller stage, that LED fixtures does not emit as much heat as their classic halogen counterparts.

Pulsar Chromaflood 100 RGB and Chromaflood 200 RGB Tricolour washlights, together with Martin MAC Aura moving heads, are used for color illumination of large surfaces from short distance. For smaller pieces, the Martin MAC 101 heads are used.

Control system for the stage entire lighting in Kwadrat Theatre is based on Dlite 48 console from Compulite. Important part of the control system are LumenRadio devices, that perform wireless distribution of DMX and RDM signals (for example on touring performances, to limit DMX cabling). There are also Electron Actor 716 (4 pcs) dimmers, and Tempo 12 DMX board.