Local Culture Centre in Nowa Deba

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Local Culture Centre (SOK) in Nowa Deba was created in 1995 by joining two cultural institutions - Culture and Technical Centre, and Public Library. The new Centre building is currently a one of the best equipped object of that kind in the region. On September 2011, LTT was involved in equipping the stage in Local Culture Centre with lighting and control equipment.

Scope of LTT work included delivery, installation and start-up of entire lighting stock with lighting control system. Two lighting bridges and a curtain were also installed.

Installed equipment and solutions

Lighting stock includes moving heads from Martin (models MAC 250 Entour and MAC 301 Wash), spot reflectors from LDR (PC/Fresnel and profile – Nota and Tono models) and LED wash lights for backdrop ChromaFlood 200 from Pulsar.

For dimming CompuRack dimmers from Compulite were used, which can support 24 circuits 2.5 kW each. Non-dimming relay circuits were also used. Entire lighting works under control of Compulite console - Vector Ultra Violet.