MA dot2 in Polsat TV studios

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Polsat's research for new lighting control for TV studio lighting coincided with the official premiere of MA dot2. That's why Polsat was one of the first clients, to whom we showed new system, just three days after official dot2 premiere.

MA dot2 prefectly fulfilled the need for a simple and legible in use controller, that handles different colour mixing systems, controlling not only conventional lighting, but also advanced spotlights like ARRI L7-C.

For their needs and convenience, Polsat bought few sets of MA dot2 core with A dot2 F-wing. This way they can position a fader section in a location remotely from the main console, if needed.

On May 2015 we provided the first setup of dot2 core + dot2 F-wing, which was intended for studio used for Polsat News 2 broadcast.

On December 2015 we provided the second setup of dot2 core + dot2 F-wing, which was implemented at studio used for Polsat Sport broadcast.

On April 2017 we provided the second setup of dot2 core, dot2 F-wing, and three dot2 Node4 (1K). Additional nodes allow greater flexibility in console use in various studios and configurations, while primary intended use is studio for Polsat News broadcast.

June of 2017 saw delivery of fourth set of dot2 core with dot2 F-wing, intended for Polsat News studio.

On October 2017 we delivered two more sets of dot2 core with dot2 F-wing each.