National Theatre in Warsaw


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Wrocław Opera

In 2004, LTT provided and deployed a complete stage lighting and multimedia projection system in the Wroclaw Opera.

Krakow Opera

In 2008 a consortium led by LTT created and implemented a stage technology design for a brand-new Krakow Opera hall.

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The National Theatre in Warsaw is the oldest theatre in Poland. It was founded in 1765 by King Stanislaw August Poniatowski, and has been an institution of exceptional influence on Polish culture ever since.

The lighting control system project in the National Theatre was the first comprehensive installation carried out by LTT, and one of the important milestones in the company's history.

The stage of the Theatre, surrounding facilities and the auditorium have all been consumed by a fire in 1985. The crew performed on a temporary stage in another building until 1990, when — after Poland's political system changed — a decision was made to dissolve the Theatre until its building is rebuilt.

Lighting control system

In 1996, as the Theatre was being reconstructed, LTT delivered a comprehensive stage lighting control system for the main and chamber stages. The project also involved installation and deployment. The system was based on Compulite Ovation 4D console, for which a dimmed and non-dimmed circuit board has been installed. RVE France dimmers were used (a total of 340 circuits).

The project was an important milestone for LTT. We gained valuable experience in system integration, on-site coordination and supplier supervision. Efficient implementation of this project paved the road towards further cooperation with the National Theatre; since 1996 we have been providing the Theatre with lights and stage equipment, such as Martin MAC 2000 moving heads or Pulsar ChromaBatten 300 luminaries.