Puppet and Actor Theatre in Opole

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The history of the Puppet and Actor Theatre in Opole goes back to 1937. Alojzy Smolka, the creator of the Theater, had been producing puppet plays on many different stages. His main focus was Polish dramaturgy. At first, the Puppet and Actor theatre was a part of the Dramatic Theatre, but since 1993 it has become a separate institution.

In 2008, a new building was constructed for the Theatre, housing a second, smaller stage. Due to the creation of this smaller stage, the Theatre required additional lighting stock; LTT delivered and installed a new lighting system and trained the Theatre staff in its usage.

At the core of the system, two Compulite Vector Blue lighting consoles were used. The control system also included 96 Compulite dimmers.

The light stock of the new stage consisted of products by Martin, Pulsar, Selecon, Compulite, Christie and Coolux. Among others, Martin MAC 700 moving heads, Pulsar ChromaFlood 200 lights, a Christie DW6K projector and a Coolux media server were installed.