TVP in Warsaw – new studios

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LTT provided and installed lighting systems, control systems and ceiling rigs for Polish Television's two studios: Small Studio BS1 (176 square meters) and Large Studio BS2 (406 square meters). Both studios are located in TVP's newly built "B" building in Warsaw.

Automatic positioning of lighting equipment

The larger studio has been equipped with a modern Lastro ASS2 track system. The system consists of trolley ducts mounted under the studio's ceilings and TLM 70 telescopes mounted on motorized trolleys that move on the rails. Equipment mounted on the telescopes can be positioned both horizontally (along the tracks) and vertically (by extending the telescope). Control is radio-based, which is important due to the size of the studio. The track system distributes both power and control signals to equipment that is mounted on it.

The smaller studio also has a track system, but instead of automatic telescopes, pole-operated SZM 25 pantographs were installed.

Other installed solutions

An interesting approach used in this project was installing dimmers on the telescope at each light, instead of using a dimmer room. This solution considerably decreased the amount of cables necessary and made it easier to relocate equipment.

In both studios Compulite Vector consoles were used to control the lighting systems. Compulite CompuPACK dimmers, Desisti lights, shutter dimmers and other equipment was installed.