Zdrojowy Animation Theatre in Jelenia Gora


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LTT delivered and deployed a lighting system consiting of Martin, Pulsar, Selecon, Compulite, Christie and Coolux products.

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About Zdrojowy Animation Theatre

Zdrojowy (resort) Animation Theatre in Jelenia Gora is a silesian puppetry theatre located in historical building in the centre of 18-th century park in Cieplice Slaskie-Zdroj, which is now district of Jelenia Gora city. Theatre is one of main organisers for cultural life in Cieplice health resort, which is well known in entire Poland for its thermal springs. Zdrojowy Animation Theatre organises shows for children and adults, including numerous outdoor shows and events.

It's already 35 years since first theatre premiere, but current location is occupied only since year 2000. Earlier it was performing as a guest on various stages in Lower Silesia region, but already had a reputation in Poland and at festivals abroad.

LTT equips rebuilt theatre

LTT company, together with M.Ostrowski company from Wroclaw, took part in design for renovation and revitalization of theatre's building, which was completed in December 2011. Design provided adaptation of historical building to the modern needs (fire safety regulations, access for disabled persons), expansion of available space (including addition of 50 more seats on auditorium), and performing restoration works to expose original wall paintings and ceilings. At the same time the theatre equipment was thoroughly modernized; LTT company delivered and started up for the Theatre e.g. complete lighting setup and control system with adequate installations.

As part of rebuilding, the classical style building was expanded by modern shaped, glass fascade style warehouse part. Historical part of building kept wooden structure. Auditorium had restoration, which exposed original paintings, and uncommon, blue colour of interior was restored, which distinguished the Theatre from other theatres in Poland. Even the fixtures that are visible from auditorium had to be painted blue. Photos show that the result is very pleasing.

grandMA2 control system

Stage of the Zdrojowy Animation Theatre is distinguished not only by the interesting architecture and great acoustics. It is also especially well equipped. Zdrojowy Animation Theatre is the first theatre in Poland that selected the control system based on grandMA2 console from MA Lighting. grandMA2 system is considered one of the most advanced and reliable control solutions; it is used by known theatres and operas around world, and by concert and stage performance designers. LTT company have provided and installed the grandMA2 light model.

LTT also made the control installation based on Ethernet/DMX standard (together with switches and splitters). For lights the CompuDim 2000 dimmers from Compulite have been used. A total number of 172 DMX/Ethernet controlled circuits have been installed.

Lighting equipment

The lighting setup delivered by LTT is comprised of tungsten-halogen lamp fixtures, discharge lamp fixtures and LED sources fixtures. Installed tungsten-halogen devices are 575W and 750W profile spots, 1kW and 2kW PC spots, and 1kW followspots (Cricket from Robert Juliat), and also the MAC TW1 Wash moving head from Martin. Discharge lamp fixtures are the MAC III Profile moving heads, and MAC 700 Profile moving heads from Martin; LED fixtures are 130W battens and MAC 301 Wash moving head.

Theatre was also equipped with projection system - a multimedia projector with 3000 ANSI lumen brightness, controlled via Ethernet/DMX. Projector has been installed on moving yoke. LTT equipped theatre also with a Magnum 1800 smoke machine, and Atomic 3000 DMX strobe with Atomic Colors colour changer.

LTT delivered also the additional hardware like trussing (aluminium Quadro 290 truss from Milos) and stage stands (AlpTek 5500 from Mobil Tech). Another provided installation is an audience lighting control system with three control panels (on stage, audience and control booth).