People's Hall in Wrocław


Photo by M. Kulczynski

The lighting control system installed in the People's Hall is one of LTT's earliest works. Due to the size of the project and the significance of the Hall as a major exhibition center in Southern Poland, LTT proudly considers this project an important milestone in our company's history.

About the People's Hall

The People's Hall, also known as the Centennial Hall, is an international exhibition, cultural and recreation center located in the city of Wroclaw. It hosts trade shows, conventions, theater and opera plays, concerts, sport competitions and other events. In June 2007 the Hall has been officially added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list as an outstanding, pioneer work of XX century architecture, the first urban construction in the world to use reinforced concrete in such a bold way.

The Hall is a structure of impressive scale. At the time of its construction, it was the highest concrete building in the world, standing 42 meters tall, and had the biggest dome since the Greek Pantheon — 67 meters in diameter.

Photo by S. Klimek

The building's design is a pioneer vision by Wroclaw's municipal architect Max Berg. It exemplifies early modernistic style. The dome impresses guests with its raw, spacious interior and starkly exposed concrete vault ribs.

The Hall's plan is based on a Greek cross form, with a main, two-level entrance hall on one arm and additional halls in the other three. Aside from the main, central hall the building houses 56 other exhibition rooms. Total available area is around 14 thousand square meters. The main hall can accommodate 10 thousand people.

Overhaul of the Hall; new lighting control system

The People's Hall underwent a major overhaul and modernization in 1997. The main floor has been lowered by 1 meter, and the hall has been fitted with mobile tribunes and collapsible sports facilities. Additional elements such as a sound amplification system, window blinds and notice boards have also been installed.

As a part of the overhaul, LTT carried out works concerning the installation of a stage lighting and lighting control systems.

The project involved delivery, installation and deployment of a set of stationery HDI Cabinet dimmers produced by the French company RVE (a total of 198 3kW and 5kW regulated circuits). A Compulite Spark and two Compulite Ovation consoles were used to control the system.

Lighting elements installed included Acuto PC 2000 spot lights from Italian maker Teatro.

LTT returned to the People's Hall in 2010, providing the exhibition center with advanced lighting stock, such as Martin MAC Krypton 575 moving heads.