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TVP SA in Warsaw - studios on Woronicza Street

In 2006-2007, LTT installed a new control system in Polish TV's main studios. It was the biggest project of this type in Poland.

TVP in Warsaw – new studios

In 2009 LTT delivered and installed technical stage equipment and a lighting control system for Polish Television's two new studios.

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TVP Info is the most frequently viewed information channel in Poland. It is available in both over-the-air and satellite broadcast; apart from news programs it also broadcasts press conferences, important political events, sports events as well as economical, publicist, journalistic and regional programs. The channel operates since October 2007.

LTT took part in equipping the studio for the newly created channel. A number of systems were delivered and deployed in TVP Info's studio, including stage lighting, scenography and newsroom illumination (newsroom is visible during broadcast) and a lighting control system.

Use of LED in scenography

The studio design, created by Artur Szyman from, included elements made of frosted, white acrylic glass. The glass sheets are illuminated from behind, creating the effect of glowing white walls. To achieve this, LTT delivered 57 Pulsar ChromaStrip X3 LED luminaires. The X3 is a strong luminaire based on RGB diodes, featuring the possibility of smooth, flicker-free brightness and color adjustment. The luminaires were powered by ten DMX-controlled PSU power supply units.

Control system

LTT delivered, installed and deployed a lighting control system based on three Compulite CompuRACK dimmers with 108 regulated channels controlled by a Compulite Vector Blue console. The system works in Ethernet/DMX standard.

Ceiling rig and stage lighting

LTT also provided and assembled the ceiling rig for the studio; equipment included a set of MTS SZM25 pantographs and MTS DAF droparms. Light set included, among others, Selecon Pacific lights.