Maintenance & service

The LTT technical department deals with the implementation side of our projects (client-side assembly and installation, deployment, staff training and equipment maintenance) and services the products that we sell.

All products sold by LTT are under our full warranty; we also offer post-warranty service and repairs. Instead of using third-party services, LTT has dedicated staff for service tasks, which guarantees highest quality and shortest repair times. LTT's business model relies heavily on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients, so customer satisfaction is our technical team's core goal: we don't simply sell boxes — we make your equipment last long and perform efficiently.

The technical department's staff currently consists of seven qualified workers. Our team has extensive experience gained by implementing many projects spanning almost the entire area of Poland — apart from regular service in LTT headquarters we also offer on-site service.

Reference letters

Below are selected reference letters given to our technical team: