Training at LTT

LTT organizes training sessions, workshops and meetings for technicians, lighting directors and everyone interested in lighting technology. We cater to all skill levels. We also provide on-demand training customized to individual needs.
Our employees possess knowledge and practical experience that allows them to teach on a world level. As a major vendor, LTT has all the latest equipment and studio space required to conduct hands-on, practical exercises.
We often invite guests, such as acclaimed lighting directors, scenographers, operators and experts working for major equipment makers. Meetings organized by LTT are an excellent chance to exchange ideas and network with industry peers.

Selected subjects

MA Lighting's flagship console, grandMA2 is the industry standard for lighting control.

Compulite's Vector series consoles are another very popular lighting control solution, particularly in Polish theaters.

Two of the most popular protocols for stage equipment control, often used together. This training is dedicated to technicians and console operators.

Coolux media servers are a great solution for sophisticated, synchronized, high-resolution video projections.

Free workshops

We also organize free workshops for industry professionals. A typical workshop is a one day event focusing on two selected subjects, such as particular devices or technologies; a lecture on each subject is followed by discussion, Q&A and a basic hands-on demonstration. The meetings are a great way for professionals to stay in touch with current technologies; they also offer great networking possibilities.

Custom and individual training

For information and arrangements regarding scope and schedules of individual and/or custom training sessions, please contact Mr Paweł Jarząbek: